Welcome Our Pup!

12768167_10100499375015346_443064338872615405_oOn February 28th, 2,000 miles away from the JUSTembrace community, in a loving home in California, 12 little golden retrievers were born to mother Posey and father Koa.  A few weeks later we got word that one of those puppies would be gifted to us, and take our restorative presence to a level we’ve been dreaming of for a long time!

On May 6th, around 10pm, JUSTembrace will be welcoming our long-awaited Best Friend into our family!

I believe God has brought this puppy into our lives at a time when we are still raw from our grief after losing many friends and family in 2015 and the first months of 2016.  When we talk about this new addition during our small group times, the anticipation and joy is nearly overwhelming!

Although this amazing gift was unexpected, we had been seriously considering adopting a dog for months.  We were so serious about it that the board of directors approved budget for the potential expenses.  It was a line item for a dream! I never expected this dream to come true and in such an amazing way….

So, as we prepare to welcome our new ambassador of restoration into our home, would you consider helping us?  We’d welcome all the puppy raising advice as well as your favorite dog toys, products and services!  We also need to raise $3,000 to cover this first year of life in our community! We have many new things to buy and experiences to have as we grow into a loving family!

Click the link below to celebrate with us with a small donation!  You can comment with any words of wisdom, congratulations or caution! We want to hear it all!

Oh, and, as I write this I already have a HUGE announcement!