Recap of the JUSTembrace Night out with the Bulls

Above is a picture of Sher and I with our winning bidder, Dave and his friend Ziggy. We had a great time! Starting off the night with fabulous parking thanks to the parking pass that was included in the ticket package given to us, we didn’t have to endure much of the cold. Sher and I tried our best to pay attention to the entire game…and did a pretty good job. Our fellow seatmates were much more diligent in their pursuit of paying attention. If you’re not from around here, the Bulls beat the Nets – and scored over 100 points, which means every ticket holder gets a free Big Mac. That is, if they want to take the health risk! I think I’m the only from our group who will be stepping into a McDonald’s anytime soon.

Here is a shot Sher took from our seats last night…

It was an honor to be at this game, not only for free, but also to have raised $675 for JUSTembrace. It was all a bit overwhelming to think about in the moment! Sher and I were given these tickets over a month ago and didn’t have a clue who to give the other two to (it was expressed that we had to use them, though). It wasn’t until her brother mentioned an auction that we thought of turning it into a fundraiser. One generous gift from a supporter turned into at least three more generous gifts to JUSTembrace. We’re continually in awe of the not only generous, but also creative ways that people give – just yesterday we received five cases of Arizona Iced Tea because of a supporter who continued to email them until they donated some tea to us. Now we ask – OK God, what do you want us to do with five cases of Arizona Iced Tea? I can’t wait to find out.

Thanks to everyone that was a part of this event: those who bid, shared the link, donated the tickets, picked us up and drove us home, were praying, and any other way that you were a part of this. From this event alone we had nearly 1,000 hits to our website – the traffic alone is a huge bonus to posting this auction, and hopefully many new people have read about JUSTembrace and what God is doing here in Uptown!