I Hate Foot Clinic Mornings

I say that each and every month on the 3rd Saturday, around 8:15am when my alarm starts to go off.

Today marked the completion of 3 full years of monthly foot clinics held at The People’s Church’s sanctuary. All in all, we’ve seen WELL over 620 community members in 3 years.  That mean’s we’ve cut toe nails on over 1240 feet.

1405039_10201135827970414_286095115_oToday Kali got to do Mario’s feet.  She said when they were done; “he says he’s been coming from the beginning!  And you can tell it! His feet look great!”

A newly homeless young man who is currently staying in the shelter below the sanctuary we host the foot clinic in said as he walked away: “I’m sorry it’s over! I feel like I’m walking on Heaven!! This is great!”

Another man, who I first met at our prayer service last Monday, then waited on at Starbucks on Friday, came up to me after finishing his turn at the foot clinic and said; “You need to expand this! This is so good for people! It helps their self esteem! It’s a great thing!”

Linda, who comes each and every month called out as she waited for her boyfriend to finish; “Thanks Sher! I’m so glad you do this each month! We need it!”

I still hate foot clinic mornings.

Each and every 3rd Saturday I wake up with a sense of dread.  I wonder if anyone will show up to get their feet done.  I wonder if I got the word out enough.  I wonder if volunteers will oversleep or if new volunteers will try to evangelize my neighbors. I wonder if I remembered to get all the supplies.  I wish I could stay in bed.

Each and every 3rd Saturday.

But I go.  For 3 years now, I’ve gone. And each and every 3rd Saturday, I come home so grateful I went.  Each and every 3rd Saturday something very very holy happens.  When people lay aside their own agendas and take a few hours to quietly and gently help their neighbors with a very basic human need – I sense the spirit of Christ.

I never regret going to a foot clinic. Ever.

There are always friends in my neighborhood who need help cutting their toe nails.  By offering the foot clinic each month, we are ensuring our neighbors that there will always be a friend to help them. We aren’t doctors.  We aren’t professionals.  We’re just neighbors who want those we live among to have access to the basic care we can provide.

I never regret that. 

I never regret scrubbing the toilet when it looks like a science experiment.  I never regret taking the overflowing garbage out. I never regret doing yard work. I never regret picking up the trash that blew into our yard. I never regret doing the right thing – even if I’d rather be sleeping.

When we gather on the 3rd Saturday and soak a few dozen sets of feet – we are tending to the basic needs of our neighbors in a very practical and simple way.  So, while I wake up wanting to hide, I never – ever – regret the 3rd Saturday of each month.

You are always welcome to join us., but don’t be surprised if you wake up hating foot clinic mornings too.