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My Turn at the Foot Clinic

Two years ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, a group of volunteers and myself hosted the first ever Sole Care Foot Clinic in Uptown.  This was before JUSTembrace.  This was before 4942 North Kenmore Ave.  This was before Emma the Intern.  This was before the Board of Directors.  This was before family dinners or holiday… Read more »

A Tegen-Style JUSTembrace

I miss JUSTembrace.  I miss my home, my neighbors, my church, my friends.  I miss my family in Chicago. It’s the end of October – when I get back to Chicago it’s going to be Holiday Time!  We will be decorating and baking and stocking the freezer with Turkeys and the fridge with all the… Read more »


 October, 2012

JUSTembrace: The Story

I Broke a Rule…. and That’s Not All

Rules. Guidelines. Values. Jennifer and I have been talking a lot lately about what the values, guidelines and rules are that structure the life of hospitality we live here in Uptown.  I am pretty sure the first time Jenn said the word “rule” I balked and got a very uncomfortable look on my face.  Rules… Read more »

He Has Jesus in his Heart

Tonight there was an uproar. We were having dinner with a new friend and we saw cop cars and heard a helicopter. Just like if it happened in your neighborhood we wanted to know what was going on! So we walked home and stood in the yard to keep our eyes open on the circumstances…. Read more »

DePaul InterVarsity Joins JUSTembrace!


September, 2012

Hand Me Downs

Tonight’s small group was special. It was our first official meal around the dining room table together.  We enjoyed donated homemade pasta from our landlord as well as Sher’s special pasta sauce made with donated can goods (and a few special ingredients!).  We sat around the table and I hadn’t planned to really study anything… Read more »

Steve’s Haircut