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Reflections: Yard Sale

I was very grateful during the weeks leading up to the yard sale to have the help of one of my housemates to simplify my life and subsequently, the life of JUSTembrace.  Truthfully, there’s a LOT more we could have gotten rid of, but I have this deep desire to hold onto things “just in… Read more »

Diffusing a Bomb

The intent of this post is to show how we can bring the gift of restoration into potentially volatile situations and see really awesome outcomes. This isn’t a story of some heroic act on public transportation – but of how responding out of our humanity and not our fear can ease tension and restore people in small… Read more »

The Gift of Healing

When I was 8, my 12 year old sister, Stacia, died from cancer.  Ever since then, I’ve had a hard time praying for healing for anyone. Actually, I’ve had a hard time praying for anything with “faith believing”, as it seems Jesus encourages us to. Although I don’t pray with the confidence I’ve been taught… Read more »

Schizophrenic Savior

One of the best parts of living intentionally is getting to know my neighbors better over time. I first saw Desmond a long time ago at a soup kitchen.  It wasn’t until he first came to a foot clinic that I had the courage to talk to him.  Desmond is an older man originally from Ghana … Read more »

Grieving the Loss of Terry

This is one of the stories of JUSTembrace.  I think it needs to be told for us both. Yesterday was just a normal day in my neighborhood. At one point there were several cop cars parked outside the SRO (Single Room Occupancy – think “dorm for addicts, mentally ill and chronically homeless folks”) across the… Read more »

I’ve Been Ruined.

On Tuesdays and sometimes Fridays I walk a little less than two blocks down the road for dinner at the local Catholic church.  The soup kitchen at St. Thomas of Canterbury has been run by the same guy for over 30 years I think. This is my favorite soup kitchen in town. I had the honor of… Read more »

Generous in Poverty

Sunday afternoon the doorbell rang. I looked out the window to see a man bundled in a thick winter coat to his ankles and a hikers backpack on his back, waiting. I immediately recognized him; he’d attended the Super Bowl party and I had seen him several times at the soup kitchen down the street since. As I… Read more »

New Eyes

Recently, we have redefined the vision of JUSTembrace.  We have simplified it.  Instead of a paragraph of gradschool words, we have simplified our dream: People Living Lives of Restoration* I want to share with you the evidence that our vision isn’t unreachable – it’s actually happening!  This message came to my facebook as I walked… Read more »

Just Playing Guitar

At the Thanksgiving service that Sher blogged about, I was afforded the opportunity to play a few songs in between the more powerful points of the service as a way to transition from section to section. When I was preparing for it, I remembered thinking that it was going to be nice; nice to sing… Read more »

Suicidal Sacraments

A Thanksgiving Lament I felt like the road to Thanksgiving should be paved in honest lament and crying out to God – especially when ministering among the homeless.  How could I walk into a gathering of over 100 of the poorest of my neighbors and instruct them to be thankful?  At least without first giving… Read more »