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Hopeless Joy

In case you somehow missed it, JUSTembrace officially launched with a large celebration on October 1st.  We celebrated with nearly 200 of our friends and family and set our mission in action to provide training, events and hospitality in order to remove social barriers that marginalize and divide communities.  It was a fabulous celebration that… Read more »

JUSTembrace kick-off recap

Where to start? It has been a whirlwind of a weekend. It has been a whirlwind of a month. September flew by; day after day of phone calls, emails, web pages, blogs, and so much community. Not only were we planning our official kick-off throughout September, our family feasts blossomed and grew, our official small… Read more »

New neighbor at our gate

Sometimes, it seems, despite vigor and energy and what we would like to think as pure intent, we harm others with the way we portray the gospel. Last night as I walked up to my gate, my roommate was talking to an elderly, bearded man, both of them leaning up against the cold, black railing… Read more »

The Good Samaritan

A friend of mine and I were heading back from Union Station last night and we stopped into 7-11 for a Slurpee.  A man came in and said “a bum got beat up and is bleeding, I think someone should call the police?”  My friend and I hurried out of the store and the man… Read more »

Circumstance-Based Identity

I wrote this almost 3 years ago EXACTLY!  It is amazing to see the very FIRST steps of the journey that has brought us here.  This story reminds me of God’s wisdom and deep compassion for us.   ************************************************************************************** David, Susan, Miquel, Shawn, Micheal, Larry, Jaque, Al, Aaron, Correll, Big Al, Mike, Von…. and a… Read more »

Radical Servanthood

“Radical servanthood is not an enterprise in which we try to surround ourselves with as much misery as possible, but a joyful way of life in which our eyes are opened to the vision of the true God who chose to be revealed in servanthood.” – “Compassion” by Nouwen, McNeil and Morrison When moving to… Read more »

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Now, I’m not a big Cheers fan. Well, actually, I don’t know if I’m a Cheers fan – I’ve watched all of about half of an episode. When I thought about my experiences at one of the meals we go to in the community on Tuesday nights, though, the Cheers theme song started playing in… Read more »

Immanuel: God is With Us

This morning, after reading aloud with Emma from Compassion: A Reflection on the Christian Life, by Nouwen, McNeill and Morrison, I was brought to a place of deep gratitude for the suffering specifically from my childhood. Throughout my life I have received the same response when people find out I lost my 12-year old sister to… Read more »

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