Please, Don’t Evangelize Me

The other day as I was finishing my last half hour of my shift at Starbucks, I wrung up the order for two young girls. They looked to be in their mid-late teens, and their frappaccino orders solidified suspicions. I noticed instantly that these girls were carrying large Bibles – not unlike the one I… Read more »

Jamie White Update Blog

“Do you think this neighborhood is too rough to Christmas Carol?” This August, JUSTembrace hosted my small group for dinner. Joined by members from the JUSTembrace small group, we got a true glimpse into the kind of restorative joy and hope that true Community creates. It was such a treat to celebrate my birthday (and… Read more »

6 Wasted Years?

I’m going to turn 33 on September 29th. I will also be marking 6 years since my life took a drastic change. Naturally, I’m reflecting. 🙂 On September 28th, we will be celebrating the 6th anniversary of the birthday party we threw at Union Station. That day in late September of 2008, I saw a miracle… Read more »