Foot Clinic Reflection

Below is a reflection paper written by a DePaul student who volunteered at our monthly foot clinic in April, 2014.  It is a great privilege to be able to provide our foot clinic for our community but also for our volunteers – giving them a different kind of serving opportunity than they would find most… Read more »

Abandonment Issues – reflections on the death of a sibling, 24 years later

On June 23, 1990 my 12-year-old sister, Stacia Cressa, lost a 5 month and 1 day battle with cancer.  At the age of 8 years old, my world shifted so traumatically that I believe the loss of Stacia has colored every relationship and life decision since. I’ve often wondered over the last 24 years what… Read more »

The Kingdom of God is at the Gate

This morning I was reading in Matthew 13 a bunch of different ways Jesus was describing the Kingdom of God to his disciples. I have heard all of these parables before – but this morning I saw myself in them a little differently – particularly these two examples: The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden… Read more »