Schizophrenic Savior

One of the best parts of living intentionally is getting to know my neighbors better over time. I first saw Desmond a long time ago at a soup kitchen.  It wasn’t until he first came to a foot clinic that I had the courage to talk to him.  Desmond is an older man originally from Ghana … Read more »

Grieving the Loss of Terry

This is one of the stories of JUSTembrace.  I think it needs to be told for us both. Yesterday was just a normal day in my neighborhood. At one point there were several cop cars parked outside the SRO (Single Room Occupancy – think “dorm for addicts, mentally ill and chronically homeless folks”) across the… Read more »

I’ve Been Ruined.

On Tuesdays and sometimes Fridays I walk a little less than two blocks down the road for dinner at the local Catholic church.  The soup kitchen at St. Thomas of Canterbury has been run by the same guy for over 30 years I think. This is my favorite soup kitchen in town. I had the honor of… Read more »