Just Playing Guitar

At the Thanksgiving service that Sher blogged about, I was afforded the opportunity to play a few songs in between the more powerful points of the service as a way to transition from section to section. When I was preparing for it, I remembered thinking that it was going to be nice; nice to sing… Read more »

Suicidal Sacraments

A Thanksgiving Lament I felt like the road to Thanksgiving should be paved in honest lament and crying out to God – especially when ministering among the homeless.  How could I walk into a gathering of over 100 of the poorest of my neighbors and instruct them to be thankful?  At least without first giving… Read more »

My Turn at the Foot Clinic

Two years ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, a group of volunteers and myself hosted the first ever Sole Care Foot Clinic in Uptown.  This was before JUSTembrace.  This was before 4942 North Kenmore Ave.  This was before Emma the Intern.  This was before the Board of Directors.  This was before family dinners or holiday… Read more »