Let’s Get Over Ourselves

Do you remember the last time your feet were REALLY dirty?  Was it the last time you wore open toed shoes on a rainy day?  Do you remember the last time you had to really scrub your callouses to make sure you got all the dirt off?  Dirty feet are universal.  All of us have them.  And… Read more »

Mightily and with Remarkable Subtlety

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the opportunity to take a peek at the incredible things that God is doing in and through you both. It is a joy and honor to witness such healing…  God is moving both mightily and with remarkable subtlety here. This is a quote from a note a friend left us… Read more »

A Holiday Meal to Remember…or Six

This post is slightly ahead of the curve – JUSTembrace has only hosted five of its six holiday meals so far.  We have one more in less than a week, and the whirlwind of six turkeys, endless green beans, corn pudding and mashed potatoes will be behind us.  Dish after dish will have been washed and put… Read more »