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Our Partners
  • Rather than “serving others in need” we are now more intentional about forming caring relationships with people in a way that is mutually beneficial. JUSTembrace is a living example of this.
    Mark and Rose Froseth
    Partners since 2015
  • This is the church as proscribed in Acts. It isn't easy to handle in the world in which most of us live. It isn't loud guitars, off-the-cuff sermons which make you feel good or awe inspiring multimedia stuff. It isn't a feel good group of chicken soup for the first world soul. It isn't simply doing a short term mission trip or a quarterly turn at the food bank.
    Paul Flowers
    Partner since 2015
  • "I feel grateful to be in the same neighborhood, and to witness the love and impact on community members who I cross paths with throughout my week."
    Christa Clumpner
    Partner since 2014
  • With all that's going on in the world, I know there's hope because there's communities like this, pressing into the discomfort and finding joy in unlikely places.
    JJ Barrows
    Founding Member of the Family
  • This is everything …
    Suzie Stogner
    Partner since 2018
  • “One of the main things we love about JUSTembrace is how they actively demonstrate Christian community in the purest way possible. By lifting up each other and their neighbors, JUSTembrace is a beautiful testament to what the ‘hands and feet of Christ’ can look like in our modern culture.”
    Sarah and Ryan Christanson
    Partners since 2018
  • This is not a "homeless shelter," nor is it a "soup kitchen." The JUSTembrace house aims to be a community center that can be claimed as "home" for anyone in the neighborhood.
    Gene Kleppinger
    Partner since 2015
  • “Every act of compassion must maintain or restore the dignity of the recipient.” You can swap out the word compassion with hospitality and the quote is just as powerful AND IMHO exactly what JUSTembrace does and does well.
    Mark Borgetti
    Founding Support of the Vision
  • "When I have participated in community parties and events, I have been both personally welcomed and given the freedom to develop relationships naturally and casually around a table - playing games or eating meals with people I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to interact with. And I get inspired and reminded that loving people who are different from me doesn’t have to be complicated and is often quite fun."
    Christa Clumpner
    Partner since 2014
  • "Even though we haven't been in the same room together for years, Sher and the JUSTembrace family encourage me all the time. I've learned so much about hospitality, restoration and community by listening to their stories."
    Jen Miller
    Partner since 2015
  • "For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other."
    Millard Fuller
  • “When you have everything, don’t build a higher fence, build a bigger table.”
    Lori Generose
    Partner since 2013


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Partner Day: Sept 29, 2019

September 29th, 2019 5:00pm – 8:00pm We want to get to know you and invite you to connect more deeply with our core community! Each fall we host an Annual Partner Day, an event where our Sunday Small Group family welcomes Partners to our home to share a meal, exchange stories, play games, and pray… Read more »

Fall Festival: October 20, 2019

Our Fall Festival will be hosted on Oct. 20th from 2:00pm – 4:00pm. LOADS of fun, food, carnival games, and prizes will fill the JUSTembrace yard as neighbors and friends gather to kick off the holiday season! We need carnies! If you want to help JUSTembrace host this annual event, or you have in kind… Read more »

All Saint’s Day: October 27, 2019

Join JUSTembrace for our annual night of reflection, celebration, and prayer as we remember the lives of members of our family who have passed away.

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