Partnering with JUSTembrace – a Reciprocal Invitation

JUSTembrace’s funding strategy is unique.

Our mission to live and equip others for a lifestyle of restoration requires us to view fundraising in a non-traditional way.  While we enjoy periodic fundraisers to help cover the costs of our events, our partners continue to be the bedrock of JUSTembrace.

A lifestyle of restoration requires small consistent decisions that truly transform communities, families and lives.  Through partnering with JUSTembrace, your monthly gift literally keeps the gate open for our neighbors to experience an inclusive, generous, and hospitable home in what is often an otherwise very dark and lonely community.

949719_10151556123733279_1070052526_oOur partners receive intimate insight into the daily joys and pains of the JUSTembrace family, as we view them as part of the organization. Partnership is a word we truly mean.  Monthly email updates, periodic zines, as well as training opportunities are some of the ways we intentionally invest back into our partners and their communities.

While we are exceedingly grateful for generous one-time donations, gifts in kind, and the hundreds of volunteer hours that are spent helping us with our events each year – we depend on the consistent and faithful support of our monthly partners to remain a beacon of hope and love on this block.

(Learn more about our specific current needs here.)

By setting up recurring donations through PayPal, our partners do not have to remember to send in gifts, and JUSTembrace is able to anticipate our monthly budget. Feel free to contact us if you do not see an option in this drop-down box that you prefer!  Thank you for choosing to partner with JUSTembrace!

Monthly Partner Options