Mission and Values

Lifestyles of Restoration 

We are not as we should be.

Not only is our world filled with hate and injustice, our own lives and closest relationships are fragile and often far from what we wish they would be.  The world is broken, and if we are honest, most of us feel powerless to do much to fix it.

JUSTembrace believes that we were not only created for abundant lives, but that we were created with the potential to put the broken pieces of our communities back together.

JUSTembrace exists to equip people to live lifestyles of restoration.  We do this through modeling restorative lifestyles, providing training and inviting people to participate in events that promote restoration in our community.

Our Values

There are three main areas of focus for living, promoting, and equipping for lifestyles of restoration. They are:  Inclusivity, Generosity, and Hospitality.  We’ve found that these answer three of the most crippling evils in our communities: Isolation, Greed, and Selfishness.

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