Generous in Poverty

Sunday afternoon the doorbell rang.

I looked out the window to see a man bundled in a thick winter coat to his ankles and a hikers backpack on his back, waiting.

I immediately recognized him; he’d attended the Super Bowl party and I had seen him several times at the soup kitchen down the street since.

As I went to the gate, he explained that he had brought some food for us.  He had been at one of the shelters earlier and they were handing out produce and bread that had been donated to them. He thought of us and grabbed a few items to bring by.


The next hour after he had gone, I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened.  This man wears all of his possessions on his back, and he walked over a mile to bring that food to our house.  Two miles round trip.

He didn’t bring it to us because we are hungry – it brought it to us because he has been impacted by the generosity we try to live out in this community – and he wanted to be part of that.

This is exactly what I love about JUSTembrace.

We are about equipping people to live lifestyles of Restoration  through Generosity, Inclusivity and Hospitality.

This man, by bringing by this food, was taking a step in living a lifestyle of Restoration.  Instead of just receiving hand outs – he felt compelled to use those resources to be generous to others.

I didn’t even realize when it was happening – but this is what JUSTembrace is all about.

A lifestyle of generosity isn’t only about controlled, planned, formulated giving.  It is a way to look at the resources that come in and out of our hands and purposing to use those things for the good of our communities.