It’s a GIRL!

We are having a GIRL! I’m not sure she is one of these, but if […]

Joy in a Shadow

Over the last few years I’ve been realizing that I have a real coping problem. I […]

Jamie White Update Blog

“Do you think this neighborhood is too rough to Christmas Carol?” This August, JUSTembrace hosted […]

Foot Clinic Reflection

Below is a reflection paper written by a DePaul student who volunteered at our monthly […]

Can True Community Make Us Suicidal?

I just got home from church where I sobbed nearly the whole time.  I’m up […]

Tears of Confession

Tears have been following me around lately. They show up at work, at home, and […]

Unimaginable Consequences

Tonight our record-breaking 14th Holiday Feast was held here at the JUSTembrace hospitality house. It […]

I Hate Foot Clinic Mornings

I say that each and every month on the 3rd Saturday, around 8:15am when my […]

Dead in a Park

One of the most important parts of my week is eating dinner with the community […]

Violent Realities Part 1

This has been a traumatic week in the life of our community.  Before I spend […]