It’s a GIRL!

We are having a GIRL! I’m not sure she is one of these, but if not, these are her siblings! She’s coming in just over a month!!!! Please consider celebrating with us with a gift towards our preparation for her arrival! You can read more about the story of how God led this little lady… Read more »

Joy in a Shadow

Over the last few years I’ve been realizing that I have a real coping problem. I numb joy. The longer I live here, the more joy I encounter, and the more intense and destructive my coping has become.  I knew I had some coping problems, but in the last week I have had light after light… Read more »

Jamie White Update Blog

“Do you think this neighborhood is too rough to Christmas Carol?” This August, JUSTembrace hosted my small group for dinner. Joined by members from the JUSTembrace small group, we got a true glimpse into the kind of restorative joy and hope that true Community creates. It was such a treat to celebrate my birthday (and… Read more »

Foot Clinic Reflection

Below is a reflection paper written by a DePaul student who volunteered at our monthly foot clinic in April, 2014.  It is a great privilege to be able to provide our foot clinic for our community but also for our volunteers – giving them a different kind of serving opportunity than they would find most… Read more »

Can True Community Make Us Suicidal?

I just got home from church where I sobbed nearly the whole time.  I’m up in the attic that we’ve transformed into a chapel space and listening to a soothing Pandora station where Cademon’s Call is expressing my pain: The prince of despairs been beaten Lord But the loser still fights Death’s on a long… Read more »

Tears of Confession

Tears have been following me around lately. They show up at work, at home, and often when I’m just walking through my neighborhood listening to Derek Webb or Jon Foreman on Pandora. They appear over a shared meal, or in a phone call. Last night they were present during my dreams – I willed myself… Read more »

Unimaginable Consequences

Tonight our record-breaking 14th Holiday Feast was held here at the JUSTembrace hospitality house. It never should have happened. I’m going to share a story and some deep emotion that I’m currently in the midst of, so please take the following with a warning of its honesty. This morning we held our monthly foot clinic…. Read more »

I Hate Foot Clinic Mornings

I say that each and every month on the 3rd Saturday, around 8:15am when my alarm starts to go off. Today marked the completion of 3 full years of monthly foot clinics held at The People’s Church’s sanctuary. All in all, we’ve seen WELL over 620 community members in 3 years.  That mean’s we’ve cut… Read more »

Dead in a Park

One of the most important parts of my week is eating dinner with the community at the soup kitchen at the local parish. Tonight I walked into the soup kitchen with my own worries and concerns heavy on my mind and visible on my countenance.  I felt anything but friendly and had no desire to… Read more »

Violent Realities Part 1

This has been a traumatic week in the life of our community.  Before I spend time giving some of my deeper thoughts, this was my experience of the first 30 hours: ____________________________________________________________ Monday, in the middle of one of the neighborhood’s soup kitchen, a passing car unloaded dozens of bullets towards a group of folks… Read more »