July 4th – A Day to Lament

JUSTembrace loves to host our neighbors for big ol celebrations as often as we can! […]

Theological Reflections on Dad’s Stroke

Last night at open house and small group I was overwhelmed by the deep love […]

Self-Giving Tuesday

Some thoughts to consider as you are bombarded with many ways to “give-back” in these […]

A Violent Awakening

It was 5:30am when all 9 of us in the house woke up to the […]

Death and Life in the Yard

It’s been a week since Guy Oppedisano suddenly passed away.  We were gathered together for […]

Grace Upon Grace

As the reality of Warren’s death is just beginning to sink in – I am […]

Remembering Mike

Last night, as I walked outside to harvest the tomatoes, a detective was at the […]


It was at least 8 months ago when I finally sat down and watched The […]

Joy in a Shadow

Over the last few years I’ve been realizing that I have a real coping problem. I […]

Please, Don’t Evangelize Me

The other day as I was finishing my last half hour of my shift at […]