His Gift.

Remember the Byrds’ hit?  “Turn, Turn, Turn!”  The lyrics go like this: To everything there […]


Last year I blogged about the justice conference, this year I went. It seemed almost […]

Beautiful People of Portland

Beside a few clips of Portlandia, and my general knowledge of the North West, I […]

Quiet! Commercial Time! Super Bowl XLVI

Last night as I watched the Super Bowl in my living room, I looked around […]

Have I ever told you how I feel about feet?

Perhaps it seems from the title that I am implying I dislike feet. Actually, I […]

Recap of the JUSTembrace Night out with the Bulls

Above is a picture of Sher and I with our winning bidder, Dave and his […]

A Night Out with the Bulls – A view from our seats!

Well, we dropped the ball on this one, didn’t we! Our monthly foot clinic was […]

I love the church, but I don’t like it.

Slightly off-topic from JUSTembrace living, but thoughts from the intern that have impacted my life […]

Let’s Get Over Ourselves

Do you remember the last time your feet were REALLY dirty?  Was it the last […]

Mightily and with Remarkable Subtlety

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the opportunity to take a peek at the […]