Hand Me Downs

Tonight’s small group was special. It was our first official meal around the dining room table together.  We enjoyed donated homemade pasta from our landlord as well as Sher’s special pasta sauce made with donated can goods (and a few special ingredients!).  We sat around the table and I hadn’t planned to really study anything… Read more »

Freedom Icee Pops

A few hours ago I was really cranky.  I woke up cranky.  Who knew the secret to getting over myself was Icee Pops? See, outside my front door and on the curb, there are a dozen loiterers trying to catch any breeze or shade as they escape their single rooms with no air and indulge… Read more »

I didn’t know how to Care

Above is a photo taken during powerful prayer at my graduation party from JUSTembrace – a photo I will treasure for the rest of my life.  It was my first time experiencing Sher’s hostess powers for myself, and they were above and beyond what one could hope for in a going away party.  The banana… Read more »

Dancing in the Streets

Dancing in the streets to a mostly white hip-hop cover band with my small group (to Will Smith’s Gettin’ Jiggy With It) has been one of the highlights of my year. While I wanted to scoff at the horrendous outfits, furry hats, and fake-gold chains bedecking everyone in the band that played… it didn’t take… Read more »

Where is Jesus?

Today is my last involvement in the JUSTembrace birthday parties as an intern. As I think, once again, back on twelve months of birthday parties thrown at a local homeless shelter, I started to think about the drastic difference of a person who doesn’t have many people around to celebrate with, who have people around that even… Read more »

Basketball is Life

In high school I had a few t-shirts I loved and they revolved around the game of basketball.  Although I wasn’t good at all, I was on the team all four years of high school, getting deeply shaped (and maybe warped) by the physical discipline and team dynamics. One T-shirt I wore into rags said… Read more »

a birthday cake

Last week was a friend’s birthday from the neighborhood, he was an almost instant friend to me when we met last summer, and, in fact, was the first guy we had into our home for dinner one hot, hazy day last July.  A picture hangs on our dining room wall of that holy dinner, a… Read more »

the best ship of all

Spending a week alone has been a very good thing for this intern.  I didn’t tell you I was alone before because you’d come find me and murder me in my sleep. Clearly. Now my roommate returns and I can sleep without the frying pan near my side.  It really is not scary to live… Read more »

Learning to See

Each and every month the small group I am a part of has been hosting JUSTembrace’s monthly birthday parties. Depending on the month, sometimes we have green cupcakes, sometimes we have pink ones. Sometimes we have presidental trivia, and sometimes we throw a spontaneous Christmas party in addition to celebrating the birthdays of the month…. Read more »

Footies and Bed Bugs

I kicked my dresser because I was angry. Now my foot is swollen and I’m exhausted from crying. I should be humiliated to admit that.  I can’t remember the last time I lost it like that. 9th grade maybe? It’s because I couldn’t find my footies. That shouldn’t make anyone mad.  But I was mad…. Read more »