Hand Me Downs

Tonight’s small group was special. It was our first official meal around the dining room […]

Freedom Icee Pops

A few hours ago I was really cranky.  I woke up cranky.  Who knew the […]

I didn’t know how to Care

Above is a photo taken during powerful prayer at my graduation party from JUSTembrace – […]

Dancing in the Streets

Dancing in the streets to a mostly white hip-hop cover band with my small group […]

Where is Jesus?

Today is my last involvement in the JUSTembrace birthday parties as an intern. As I think, once […]

Basketball is Life

In high school I had a few t-shirts I loved and they revolved around the […]

a birthday cake

Last week was a friend’s birthday from the neighborhood, he was an almost instant friend […]

the best ship of all

Spending a week alone has been a very good thing for this intern.  I didn’t […]

Learning to See

Each and every month the small group I am a part of has been hosting […]

Footies and Bed Bugs

I kicked my dresser because I was angry. Now my foot is swollen and I’m […]