JUSTembrace the New Intern!

Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself; my name is Jordan Kelley, and I am the new […]

I Found Him in the Bushes

Literally. I just found Lawrence in the bushes. And if I had not gotten a […]

Fool’s Gold(en Rule)

One of the all-time most made comments about the work of JUSTembrace in Uptown has […]

From Service to Hospitality – a Community Conversion

Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become […]

Coffee, Violence, Theft, Addiction = HOPE

I just got inside from spending a few hours at the front gate giving away […]

Uninvited to Speak

I knew one day I would have one of these stories.  I really didn’t want […]

Reflections: Yard Sale

I was very grateful during the weeks leading up to the yard sale to have […]

Diffusing a Bomb

The intent of this post is to show how we can bring the gift of […]

The Gift of Healing

When I was 8, my 12 year old sister, Stacia, died from cancer.  Ever since […]

Schizophrenic Savior

One of the best parts of living intentionally is getting to know my neighbors better […]