His Gift.

Remember the Byrds’ hit?  “Turn, Turn, Turn!”  The lyrics go like this: To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven A time to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap A time to kill, a time to heal A time to plant,… Read more »


Last year I blogged about the justice conference, this year I went. It seemed almost painful to be missing out last year, as I felt steeped in the work of justice, really I was only beginning to learn the concepts behind what it means to live justly. God’s justice, not ours, not our societies, not… Read more »

Beautiful People of Portland

Beside a few clips of Portlandia, and my general knowledge of the North West, I knew little of what Portland would be like. After almost a full week of exploring the downtown and neighborhoods of Portland, I was feeling nostalgic of Madison, WI, where I spent my middle and high school years. Portland and its… Read more »

Street Corner Valentines

  February 2011

Quiet! Commercial Time! Super Bowl XLVI

Last night as I watched the Super Bowl in my living room, I looked around me and thought about how weird it all was. We’re all definitely a bunch of weirdo’s. “This is like the Super Bowl party for misfits” – me “Yeah? How is that any different from the rest of our life?” -Sher… Read more »

Have I ever told you how I feel about feet?

Perhaps it seems from the title that I am implying I dislike feet. Actually, I don’t really have a problem with feet.  Without a doubt I enjoy the occasional pedicure, and I love bare feet in the summer.  Feet are feet, like my ears – they need a little extra attention sometimes, but mostly they… Read more »

Recap of the JUSTembrace Night out with the Bulls

Above is a picture of Sher and I with our winning bidder, Dave and his friend Ziggy. We had a great time! Starting off the night with fabulous parking thanks to the parking pass that was included in the ticket package given to us, we didn’t have to endure much of the cold. Sher and… Read more »

A Night Out with the Bulls – A view from our seats!

Well, we dropped the ball on this one, didn’t we! Our monthly foot clinic was today, thus a busy morning and afternoon took over, and we forgot to post the Bull tickets results! Hopefully no one was hanging on our words. Congratulations to Dave Frodin, a local Uptowner, who will be going to the Bulls… Read more »

I love the church, but I don’t like it.

Slightly off-topic from JUSTembrace living, but thoughts from the intern that have impacted my life in Uptown and my relationship with the church… “I loved the Church for Christ made visible. Not for itself, because it was so often a scandal to me. Romana Guardini said the Church is the Cross on which Christ was… Read more »

Let’s Get Over Ourselves

Do you remember the last time your feet were REALLY dirty?  Was it the last time you wore open toed shoes on a rainy day?  Do you remember the last time you had to really scrub your callouses to make sure you got all the dirt off?  Dirty feet are universal.  All of us have them.  And… Read more »