Good Friday

The last haunting words of Jesus before he died in Matthew’s gospel were: “My God, […]

Buddy and God

Suffering is something our culture tends to look down on, and tries to avoid. It […]

Can True Community Make Us Suicidal?

I just got home from church where I sobbed nearly the whole time.  I’m up […]

The Legacy of a Peacemaker

“Who smells like grape bubblegum?!” I asked a line of folks waiting to eat at […]

Who Will Love Them?

But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And […]

Christ, My Autistic Neighbor

  Thursday morning the doorbell rang. “Hi Sheryl. I want you and Jordan and Rachel […]

Tears of Confession

Tears have been following me around lately. They show up at work, at home, and […]

Unimaginable Consequences

Tonight our record-breaking 14th Holiday Feast was held here at the JUSTembrace hospitality house. It […]

Here’s the Dirt

This past Sunday, I was attending a new faith community in my neighborhood when I […]