It was at least 8 months ago when I finally sat down and watched The […]

Joy in a Shadow

Over the last few years I’ve been realizing that I haveĀ a real coping problem. I […]

Please, Don’t Evangelize Me

The other day as I was finishing my last half hour of my shift at […]

Jamie White Update Blog

“Do you think this neighborhood is too rough to Christmas Carol?” This August, JUSTembrace hosted […]

6 Wasted Years?

I’m going to turn 33 on September 29th. I will also be marking 6 years […]


(An update blog by Jamie White)   Marathon training is uncomfortable. My positive nature and […]

How an Open House Restores

(An update blog by Jordan Kelly) Every Sunday afternoon the JUSTembrace house opens up their […]

Foot Clinic Reflection

Below is a reflection paper written by a DePaul student who volunteered at our monthly […]

The Kingdom of God is at the Gate

This morning I was reading in Matthew 13 a bunch of different ways Jesus was […]