A Night Out with the Bulls – A view from our seats!

Well, we dropped the ball on this one, didn’t we!

Our monthly foot clinic was today, thus a busy morning and afternoon took over, and we forgot to post the Bull tickets results! Hopefully no one was hanging on our words.

Congratulations to Dave Frodin, a local Uptowner, who will be going to the Bulls game with us Monday night! Our runner up was Bret Koontz, who plans on honoring two Student Ministry leaders from Community Christian Church.  The grand total raised for JUSTembrace:


Wow! Thanks to all who helped spread the word and to our winners – for their generosity.  Even this morning many of our foot clinic supplies were running low, and we are grateful for financial support to keep us running here in Uptown.


Keep checking back for more updates, blogs and more! Go Bulls!

3 thoughts on “A Night Out with the Bulls – A view from our seats!

  1. I’m having a hard time loading your website so I’m not sure what the story is here (re the tickets). If it’s not kosher for me to submit my name, just remove it. Obviously I won’t be able to go but I knew a few people in the area who would love it. 😉 Love you girls!

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