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We are not as we should be.
While we were created to play a critical role in restoring our communities  families and lives, we have become a society that feels mostly powerless to accomplish this work.  We typically leave the work of restoration up to professionals or perhaps we spend a week a year or a Saturday a month working with those professionals to restore God’s dream for the world.  But mostly we feel powerless to do anything ourselves. While millions of Americans spend billions of dollars each year traveling to other countries to help those who are “less fortunate” – few of us feel equipped to reach out to the lonely and isolated in our own neighborhoods – even our own families.

JUSTembrace exists to equip people to live lifestyles of restoration.

Through living lives of hospitality on Chicago’s north-side, we try to model unique and creative ways to incorporate restoration into daily life. Although we choose to live among the most vulnerable members of society, we believe this creative approach to restoration can be lived in any neighborhood in the world – and we want you to join us in YOUR neighborhood!

So enjoy our site, be encouraged by the stories we tell – but don’t for a second think you can’t do what we do – you CAN! In fact, you were MADE to!  And we want to help!

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